VIBSIST-SPH64, piezoelectric down-hole source

The VIBSIST-SPH64 downhole source can be water coupled or clamped to borehole wall.

The VIBSIST-SPH64C uses the Swept Impact Seismic Technique, whereas seismic signals are produced as a rapid sequence of pulses, according to a programmed monotonic time function. This borehole piezo-electric source is intended for borehole investigations to depths up to 2000m. The seismic signals are produced by applying high voltage (6000 V) to a stack of piezoelectric crystals. The minimum borehole diameter is 76mm. The frequency band is 500 - 3500Hz.

The tools consist of two down-hole modules, the piezoelectric actuator and the high voltage supply, and the out-of-the-hole controller. The piezoelectric driven borehole clamping mechanism. The VIBSIST-SPH64C should preferably be used with a seismograph able to record at least 64k-samples and with a sampling speed of 1/8 ms or faster.

Key features

  • Coherent and reliable
  • Excellent source for high-resolution single-hole and cross-hole seismic surveys
  • Generates wideband seismic signals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Investigation range: more than 150m in a working mine conditions
  • Intrinsic resolution: better than one meter


  • Mining and tunneling surveys
  • Mineral exploration
  • Ore body delineation
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Geologic storage site characterization
  • Rock engineering
  • Mapping fractured zones and faults
  • Monitoring excavation works
  • Assessing the constructability of the rock and earth