VIBSIST-500, all terrain mid range seismic source

The VIBSIST-500 is multi-impact, time-distributed seismic sources intended for detailed seismic surveys in remote and environmentally sensitive areas or from tunnels and mine galleries. The light 500 J/impact model provides high-maneuverability and mobility in urban, industrial and mining environments.

The seismic signals are generated by a hydraulic hammer mounted on a miniature tracked vehicle, which produces a rapid sequence of impacts according to a pre-programmed time function.

Key features

  • All terrain reflection seismic source
  • Simultaneous multiple-source capability
  • High productivity
  • High resolution
  • Rugged and mobile
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Compatible with all industry-standard seismographs


The VIBSIST-500 is intended for detailed surface, borehole and underground surveys with a typical penetration range of 800 to 1000m, in reflection mode.

  • Shallow oil and gas
  • Mineral exploration
  • Mine gallery and tunnel surveys
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Geologic waste storage
  • Geothermal energy