VIBSIST-50, medium range urban seismic source

The VIBSIST-50 is a multi-impact, time-distributed seismic source.

The seismic signals are generated by an electric hammer, which produces a sequence of impacts according to a pre-programmed time function.

The VIBSIST-50 is portable, safe, non-destructive and environmentally friendly.

Key features

  • Reflection, refraction and surface waves seismic source
  • High productivity
  • Simultaneous multiple-source operation
  • High resolution
  • Portable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all industry-standard seismographs


The VIBSIST-50 is intended for detailed P/S-wave and surface wave surveys with a typical penetration range up to 250 m, in reflection mode. The fields of use include:

  • Urban geotechnical investigations
  • Foundation engineering
  • Roadbed and dam inspection
  • Placer exploration
  • Ground water exploration
  • Ore delineation
  • Research and education