TC-24 down-hole hydrophone receivers

The TC-24 is a hydrophone down-hole seismic array.

Key features

  • Piezo-electric elements with frequency response from 1 to 28000 Hz; intrinsic sensitivity: -193 dBV re 1μPa
  • Downhole pre-amplifier, selectable gain 40dB/60 dB
  • The TC-24 hydrophone string is mainly used as a down-hole seismic receiver tool, but can also be used in shallow water and marsh areas
  • Expandable to 96 level in standard version and to 600 level configuration with fully digital technology


  • Cross-hole and single-hole surveys
  • Tomographic and reflection imaging
  • Mineral exploration
  • Resource delineation
  • Hazardous waste geologic disposal
  • Hydrogeological assessment
  • Rock mechanical studies
  • Research and education