PS-8R, high-definition seismic system

The PS-8R is a borehole hammer for inverse VSP and cross-hole seismic surveys. The seismic signals are conveyed to ground by means of clamping wedges. The hammer is designed as motor-driven accelerated weight drop. The model is equipped with electric motors and trigger sensor.

Key features

  • The PS-8R is a highly specialized tool, intended for mapping cracks and very faint local variations of the rock and concrete properties. The investigation depth is around 10 m.
  • The PS-8R is designed for smooth holes with diameters of 56 mm or higher, water-filled or dry.
  • The PS-8R can be used as a single-hole or as a cross-hole instrument.


Single-hole and cross-hole seismic investigations for:

  • Rock integrity assessment
  • Dam wall characterization
  • Assessment of the excavation damage zone around tunnels or boreholes
  • Geologic storage
  • Geotechnical applications