Vibrometric is a leading consulting and research and development firm dedicated to delivering top-tier solutions in geophysics, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in the engineering, mining, and environmental sectors.

We specialize in advanced geophysical studies and our expertise lies in the application of hard rock seismic imaging methods, with a particular focus on high-resolution seismic characterization. We completed hundreds of projects for radioactive waste repository site selection, construction, and screening, as well as for mining operations ranging from brownfield exploration to detailed site characterization and ore body delineation.

Our team possesses comprehensive experience in every aspect of seismic work, including design, data acquisition, processing, interpretation and integration with other geophysical investigations. We are adept in surface borehole and tunnel seismic investigation techniques, including Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP), Multi-Source Profiling (MSP), single-hole and cross-hole methods. Our skills are honed and applied within the context of multi-disciplinary geoscience research programs, world-wide, as we worked on all continents.

Vibrometric is also a manufacturer of highly specialized, state-of-the-art seismic equipment, offering an integrated approach to consulting and contractual services.

This results from our sustained research and development efforts spanning over three decades. Our products and services are grounded in our proprietary hardware and software tools.

Trust Vibrometric for unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions in seismic imaging and geophysical studies.

Since 1986, has its head office in Helsinki, Finland. Vibrometric Canada Limited was established in 1999.

Seismic Instruments for surface, tunnels and boreholes

Tradition, Innovation and Performance

Building on our extensive expertise in geophysical studies, Vibrometric is proud to offer a range of seismic instruments for sale. These instruments, designed for various service providers and direct beneficiaries, are the culmination of our deep-rooted experience in diverse application fields. Our products were perfected through the expertise acquired during our own field campaigns and embody the latest developments in seismic survey methodology. Our commitment to tradition, innovation, and performance is evident in every instrument we manufacture, ensuring that our clients receive reliable, state-of-the-art solutions for their critical seismic and geophysical needs.

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Seismic Imaging Services

High resolution, Geological imaging and Structural mapping

We specialize in a wide range of high-resolution geological imaging and structural mapping services: • Hardrock seismic imaging methods for nuclear waste disposal site characterization, • Ore delineation using cross-hole transmission and reflection imaging as well as single-hole seismic side-scans, and • Multi-azimuth VSP methods, essential for comprehensive 3D subsurface imaging. Skilled application of these methods results in Fracture identification and 3D orientation, evaluation of Rock strength and elastic parameters, identification of Permeable zones and Porosity and Detection of weathered, fractured and permeable zones, all crucial for understanding complex geological structures. We are experienced in Site Characterization for CO2 Sequestration and Time-Lapse Monitoring, essential for environmental management and sustainability projects. The application of our proprietary signal processing techniques for Fractured Reservoir Characterization offers valuable data for resource extraction industries. Our services are designed to deliver unparalleled resolution and accuracy, ensuring our clients have the most detailed and reliable geological and structural information at their disposal.

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