Vibrometric offers integrated consulting and contractual services, based on hardware and software instruments of proprietary design, resulted from a sustained R&D activity of more than three decades.

We also produce seismic tools for sale, stemming from novel research in seismic methodology and our long experience in various application fields.


Dr. Calin COSMA

President, Vibrometric Oy

Dr. Cosma is a world-wide recognized professional in seismics with more than 30 years of experience in implementing multi-disciplinary geoscience research programs and developing seismic and rock characterization tools and techniques, teaching and tutoring.

Has brought notable contributions to numerous R&D projects comprising instruments, imaging techniques and surveying methods in all aspects of seismics (acquisition, processing, interpretation), from surface tunnels and galleries and boreholes.

Developed geophysical methods for the detection of discontinuities ahead of a tunnels since the 80`s. In the environmental protection field, he has been active in the nuclear waste disposal site characterization, carbon capture and storage and mining.

Published hundreds of scientific reports, journal articles and conference papers on hard rock seismic imaging, characterization and methods for nuclear waste disposal, ore delineation, 3D fracture mapping, tomographic inversion and multi-azimuth VSP methods.

Has a proven record of success in the management of seismic surveys, excavation monitoring projects, seismic equipment manufacturing and geoscience consulting.

In the small enterprise sector, has contributed over the years to business development and strategic operations.

Calin received a M.Sc. in Physics of the Earth from University of Bucharest and a PhD from the same institution.

Calin Cosma

Calin's publications

Dr. Nicoleta ENESCU

Managing Director, Vibrometric Canada Limited

Nicoleta is an accomplished, scientifically-oriented professional with hands-on working experience with a wide range of signal analysis and processing instruments, applied to geophysical data evaluation and interpretation. She contributed to the development of innovative seismic investigation methods applied to rock and earth characterization.

In her group she is recognized for building close ties with those she works with and bridges of confidence with clients and cooperation partners. The attention to detail is a key ingredient of success in the many cooperative projects that she is a part of, or in charge of reporting, or managing. Nicoleta's excellent interpersonal communication and project management capabilities are instrumental in augmenting the capabilities of our work group.

Dr. Enescu's skills include in-depth expertise in mathematical forward modeling and inversion problems, 3D imaging techniques and environmental sciences. These are used in diverse stages of geophysical investigation studies, from design, to data acquisition and analysis, to technical reporting, to scientific and science dissemination communications. Nicoleta developed a broad knowledge of the industry by working within experienced multi-disciplinary teams for nuclear waste repository and CO2 storage site characterization and monitoring.

Naturally keen on innovating, she is a confident scientist with a positive and dynamic approach to solving problems.

Nicoleta Enescu

Nicoleta's publications

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