Vibrometric is a consulting R&D company, specialized in geophysical studies for engineering, mining and environment.

Vibrometric is also a manufacturing company of highly specialized, state-of-the-art seismic equipment as a result of sustained R&D activity of more than three decades.

We offer integrated consulting and / or contractual services, based on a range of hardware and software tools of proprietary design.

Since 1986, has its head office in Helsinki, Finland. Vibrometric Canada Limited was established in 1999.

Seismic Instruments for surface, tunnels and boreholes

Tradition, Innovation and Performance

Vibrometric company offers for sale to various service providers and/or direct beneficiaries, seismic instruments incorporating the latest developments in seismic survey methodology, based on own extensive experience from various application fields, such as: site characterisation for nuclear waste management, ore prospecting and delineation for mining and site characterisation for CO2 sequestration and time-lapse monitoring.

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Seismic Imaging Services

High resolution, Geological imaging and Structural mapping

We specialize in: Hard Rock Seismic Imaging Methods and Characterisation for Nuclear Waste Disposal, Ore delineation using Crosshole Seismics, Tomographic Inversion, Multi-Azimuth VSP methods, VSP in Crystaline Rock, 3D Fracture Mapping, Fractured Reservoir characterisation and Site characterisation for CO2 sequestration and time-lapse monitoring.

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