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A consulting R&D company specialized in geophysical studies for engineering, mining and environment

A manufacturing company of highly specialized, state-of-the-art seismic equipment as a result of sustained R&D activity of more than two decades

The Company offers integrated consulting and / or contractual services, based on a range of hardware and software tools of proprietary design

The Company offers for sale or rent to various service providers and/or direct beneficiaries, seismic instruments incorporating the latest developments in seismic survey methodology, based on own extensive experience from various application fields, such as: site characterisation for nuclear waste management, ore prospecting and delineation for mining and site characterisation for CO2 sequestration and time-lapse monitoring.

Kimberlite delineation by seismic side-scans

Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada

The VIBSIST-3000 seismic source in September 2009, for the
CO2SINK Project , Ketzin, Germany

Delineation of sulphide mineralization by Crosshole Tomography

Voisey's Bay, Canada


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Vibrometric Canada Limited
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